Effective and Compassionate Clinical Work for Gender-Expansive Children, Teens and Families – September-November, 2021

Presenter:  Susan P. Landon, LMFT

Dates:  Mondays:  September 20 – November 15, 2021
Not meeting on Monday, October 11, 2021 (Indigenous People Day)

Time:  11am – 1pm

Format:  Secure Video/Zoom platform

Cost:       $795 for the course.
$640 is the early bird special rate.
$395 for students and pre-licensed therapists.

CE Units: 16.0 (You must attend all 8 meetings to obtain CE credit.  No partial credit can be given)

Course Level: This training would be most useful for beginning to intermediate practitioners in this area.  No previous work with transgender, gender-fluid or gender non-binary clients is required.

Course Type:  This course is modeled as a training seminar.  Ms. Landon will share her theoretical and clinical knowledge and bring in knowledgeable speakers.  Time for questions and discussion will be included.



Course Objectives:

After completion of this course participants will be able to…

  1. provide a working definition of empathy as it relates to work with gender non-conforming and transgender children and teens and their families.
  2. identify at least one negative outcome for the child or teen when appropriate empathy is not communicated.
  3. identify the categories of identity and gender as they relate to gender expansive children
  4. identify 3 therapeutic considerations in working with gender expansive children ages 0 – 4.
  5. identify 2 strategies or considerations for working with schools on behalf of gender expansive children ages 4 – 9.
  6. identify 3 developmental considerations in working with gender expansive children ages
  7. identify 2 issues confronting pre-pubescent gender non-conforming and transgender children.
  8. describe 3 talking points for talking with parents about decisions to be made regarding puberty.
  9. provide a brief description of hormone blockers and cross-sex hormones.
  10. provide a definition of “Gender Noise.”
  11. identify 3 behavioral challenges of trans youth reaching adolescence.
  12. articulate 2 ways to support trans youth in planning for the future.
  13. identify 3 community resources for trans youth and families.
  14. identify 2 things to consider regarding gender dysphoria across the lifespan.
  15. articulate 3 factors in promoting resiliency and community for trans youth.
  16. identify 3 “challenges” that Black and POC parents/caregivers address in the face of dominant cultural traditions.
  17. articulate 2 considerations in culturally responsive therapy.
  18. identify 3 things to consider from a medical standpoint when working with trans and nonbinary children, teens and families.

Course Schedule

Sign-in (using the chat function on Zoom) will be from 10:45 – 11:00am.  Course begins at 11:00am promptly.  Sign-out at 1:00pm

Session 1:  February 22, 2021

11:00 – 11:44   Introductions and overview of course goals.
11:45 – 12:20  Effective applications of empathy; Empathy (or lack of effectively communicated empathy) and the impact on gender dysphoria
12:20 – 12:45 Demonstrations and practice, plus debrief
12:45 – 1:00   Questions and answers

Session 2:  March 1, 2021

11:00 – 11:30 Introduction
11:30 – 12:00  Categories of identity and gender as they relate to gender expansive youth.
12:00 – 12:45  Developmental, social, emotional and systemic considerations for children, families and schools. Children ages 0 – 4.
12:45 – 1:00   Questions and answers; Feedback

Session 3:  March 8, 2021

11:00 – 12:00 Developmental and clinical considerations for children, families and schools. Children 4 -9
12:00 – 12:45 Working with children, families, and schools; Ages 4 – 9
12:45 – 1:00  Questions and answers; Feedback


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