Darth Bannon Wants a Return to the 1930s

“Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they (liberals) get it wrong.  When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing,” The ex-Breitbart executive, who serves as Trump’s chief strategist for the new administration, first told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview.

Trump’s presidency will “build an entirely new political movement,” Bannon added, adding that it, “will be as exciting as the 1930s…”

Do you ever wonder if you are delusional?  I sometimes have moments when I do.  Like when I first read the quotation above.  The statement entered my brain and collided with a memory that the speaker currently has an office in the White House and sits on the National Security Council.  Am I in someone’s horrible nightmare?  This man appears to admire the power of Darth Vader and Satan – and puts Dick Cheney on the list with them.  Ok, I never liked Dick Cheney, but I never put him in the same category with Vader and Satan!

Maybe Bannon means something else.  Maybe he is pointing to the #2 position as having power.  You know, Satan was sidekick to God; Vader reported to the Emperor; Cheney was VP to W.

But does Bannon recall what happened to these guys?  Didn’t Vader end up on a flaming pyre after seeing the error of his ways?  Wasn’t Satan banished to a pretty smelly, hot, hellish place?  Cheney?  Who knows what he is up to now.  I don’t think this is the power to admire.

And then there is the second part of the quotation.  The part about going back to the “exciting” 1930s.  So, what happened in the 30s?  Let’s see.  I wasn’t born yet so I need to rely on hearsay.  Family stories.  Those pesky history books. Movies. Museums. Monuments.

Well, first there was the Great Depression.  That was exciting.  Everybody says it was great!  I think about how much fun my mom and dad must have had living with my grandparents and my aunt and uncle in my grandparents’ two-bedroom house in Detroit. Everyone who could get a job worked.  They pooled money so my uncle could finish school.  They valued education so much they were happy to support him.  And they were in pretty good shape compared to many people who had a much more exciting time in the 30s.

Then there was the excitement of the rise of Hitler out of an impoverished Germany.  That was very exciting.  As was the whole of World War II and the deaths of 60 to 80 MILLION people. Equally exciting were the subjugation of Black people; bigotry focused on Asians and other immigrants; the situation of women who were kept out of most jobs, paid minuscule amounts of money and denied credit; and many, many more fun and wonderful things.


We cannot take our eyes off this man!  He is the one who is dangerously delusional – or worse, sociopathic.  We need to support reasonable people in Congress, in the courts, and in all parts of government.  We need to speak up.  We need tp show up.  And we need to financially support organizations that will take this kind of delusion on and make clear that this is not who the American people are and this is not what we strive for!

Given Mr. Bannon’s attachment to Darth Vader, it is entirely appropriate that some people at anti-Trump policy political rallies have adopted the image of Princess Leia of Star Wars.  They and those reporting on them have labeled their recent actions “The Resistance.”  As the Washington Post has reported, the Resistance to Trump Is Big, Diverse and Ferocious.

Thanks to all of those who think of themselves as part of The Resistance and to all of those who act in any way to resist the destruction of Civil Rights and American ideals.


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