You must register and log in before you can purchase a course.  Then you must

Obtain and read the course materials >> Pass the post-test >> Fill out the course evaluation >> print your certificate.

Simple as that!

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Who can get CE credit?

How do I obtain course materials?

What is the procedure for taking a course?

What do I do after I have launched a course?

I took the test and passed, but I can't print my certificate!

I passed the test, but I can't find the course evaluation!

Who can get CE credit?

So far, the online CE credit is available to psychologists and master's-level therapists whose state licensing boards accept courses provided by organizations approved by the American Psychological Association to award CE credit.  Please check with your licensing board if you are uncertain whether these courses will be accepted for your CE needs.  Of course, anyone is free to roam the website and many of the materials which are the basis of CE courses are described, reviewed or made available through the “REVIEWS” section on the drop-down menu above.


How do I obtain course materials?

Currently all online courses are based on material you read.  There are three forms of reading material:

1.  Books that you own or buy.  For this format, you obtain the book on your own.  We provide a description of the book and a link to Amazon for your convenience if you wish to purchase the book in that way.  (Amazon does pay us a small percentage of the sale price if you go that route).  You are free, however, to borrow the book from a library or purchase it at any bookstore.  We are totally in favor of supporting various book sellers, and so urge you to decide on your own where to make a purchase.

2.  Journal Articles.  We make an effort to find journal articles that are in the public domain and available online free of charge.  We provide a link for you so you can download the article to your computer.  In some cases, however, we have identified an article that we find unique or uniquely important in its message which is NOT in the public domain.  In those cases we will provide a link to the publisher’s site where you may purchase the article to download, however, those downloads generally cost from $15.00 to $35.00 each.  If you have access to a college or university library, you may be able to use that to access the article for no charge. These articles will be clearly marked as requiring a separate purchase.  Do not purchase a course marked as a separate purchase unless you have already obtained the article!

3.  Original articles authored by Dr. Cooper or other Illuminated Education staff or board members.  These are available on this site as downloadable PDF files.


What is the procedure for taking a course?

1.  Register before you start to use the website — or at least before you put something in your shopping cart.  And then log in.

2.  Look through the courses either on the classroom landing page, or by selecting an option on the drop-down menu.  If you find something you are interested in, click on the FIND OUT MORE button

4.  When you can see the full course description, there will also be a button that says BUY NOW.  Clicking on that button will put the course in your shopping cart.

5.  When you are ready, check out.  You can use a credit card to purchase your course(s).  Although you are not sent to the PayPal site, this is all done through PayPal and is very secure.

6.  After you have logged in and  purchased your course, find your way to MY ACCOUNT either by clicking on the My Account image in the banner on the landing page, or by clicking on the entry in the drop-down menu.

7.  Click on the icon that says MY COURSES.  That  takes you to a page that shows you a list of the courses you have purchased with a LAUNCH button to the right of the course title.

8.  Click on LAUNCH and it will take you to the course page.  There you will find specific instructions for the particular course you are taking.


Here are some of the particulars you need to know once you have LAUNCHED a course.

Start by reading the HOW TO TAKE THIS COURSE  section on the page you will see just after clicking on the LAUNCH button.  This page is shown below.  The blue arrow points to the menu you will use to get instructions, launch the post-test and launch the evaluation

If you want to download a hardcopy of the quiz:  Look for a link on the HOW TO TAKE THIS COURSE display.

screenshot - how to take this course

If you would like to download a hardcopy of the post test to keep with you as you read the course materials you can.  The red arrow on the image to the right points to this link.


Read the course materials.  Then return to the page shown on the right (launch the course from "My Account")

Launch the post-test by clicking on the link shown on the menu to the right (above the blue arrow).

You must score at least 75% correct to pass.  You may take the post-test as many times as you need to in order to pass.

You may also close the post-test and return again, but note your answers on the hardcopy in case they are not all stored for you.

After you pass the post-test, close that window and return to the course listing in MY ACCOUNT.

Launch the course again to access the course evaluation (menu above the blue arrow)


I took the test and passed, but I can't print my certificate!

You need to fill out the evaluation form before you can print the certificate. You can do this by returning to My Account (from the drop-down menu, or by clicking on the banner image saying "My Account" on the landing page).  You should see the following icons:

Click on My Courses to see your course list.  Find the course and click on the launch button.  That will take you to the menu shown above (previous section).

Click on COURSE EVALUATION to begin.  Once the evaluation is complete, return to MY ACCOUNT.  You will again see the icons shown on the right.  Now click on MY CERTIFICATES.  This will, again, show you a course list Click on the button that says VIEW to the right in order to display and print your certificate.

I passed the test, but I can't find the course evaluation!


Go to My Account.  You can find this on the drop-down menu at the top of your screen:

drop-down menu

You will see the icons shown in the above section.  Click on the MY COURSES icon.  This takes you to your course list.  Launch the course and look for COURSE EVALUATION in the menu to the left of the screen.