Stand Up! Speak Out! (TM)


Stand Up! Speak Out! TM: Empowering Skills for Girls' Friendships by Melissa J. Johnson, PhD

4.0 hours of CE credit   --------    Intermediate level

This 144-page spiral-bound Stand Up, Speak Out!TM workbook provides information and activities to help elementary-aged girls build skills to navigate the complexities of their social world. It is built on a theoretical and research foundation of social and emotional learning, relational resilience and hardiness zones, empowerment and resistance, mindfulness, and interpersonal neurobiology. Stand Up, Speak Out!TM also explores the role of social aggression in the clash between two opposing cultural demands on girls; the demand for girls today to be powerful and assertive and the cultural mantra to “be nice and kind.” Through activities like, “Friendly Thoughts Mindfulness” and “Self-Care Charades” participants will learn how to engage girls in fun activities, calming mindfulness, and thought-provoking discussions about their social climate.   

The workbook is available from the Institute for Girls' DevelopmentYou can order it online from the Institute by clicking THIS LINK.

Workbook / Curriculum - 144 pages

28-question true/false + multiple choice test

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