A Message from the Founder and CEO

It is my belief, as the founder and head of Illuminated Education, that we are in a time of transition in psychology and medicine and that we risk losing the human, emotional, spiritual parts of those pursuits to the bottom line and the focus on intellect to the exclusion of other resources. Illuminated Education educational materials, seminars and workshops have in common the integration of the intellectual with the emotional, spiritual and physical, as well as the valuing of relationship and connection in all growth. We seek to sift through current scientific research as well as approaches from other cultures and time periods in hopes of identifying and retaining the gems of great value. After all, that is the real work of dragons!

All activities are open to the interested public as well as to licensed mental health professionals.

Live Courses

At this time live courses are presented in Pasadena, CA and in Worcester, MA at various times during the year.  In California, courses are presented at the Institute for Girls' Development (95 N. Marengo Ave,. Suite 100) and are generally scheduled each month between February and May, and at other times during the year.  Currently Massachusetts courses are presented at Children's Friend, Inc. (21 Cedar Street, Worcester) and are scheduled in the Spring and Fall.  Please add your name to the email list for newsletters or check in with this web site to find detailed course information.

Online Courses

Online courses currently consist of reading downloadable journal articles or books you buy on your own and taking an online quiz.  After you take and pass the quiz, you must fill out an evaluation form and then can print out your certificate. 

On-Site Courses

If you have a number of people at one site who would like to take a live course, we may be able to come to you. Please call Dr. Cooper at 626-744-9472 to explore this option.

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